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Cyprus Youth Council

We are delighted to announce that our Vice President A’, Ms. Christiana Xenofontos, is running for the upcoming elections of the European Youth Forum (YFJ).

We couldn’t be prouder to see a true fighter for Youth Rights, running for the upcoming elections for the Board of YFJ. We are confident that Christiana has all the potential, dedication, passion, expertise and knowledge that a position in the Board of YFJ requires. She has been involved in the Youth eco-system for up to seven years now. Among other roles she has been the Youth Policy Officer of CYC, the official representative of Cypriot youth in European and International Forums, and in the last 2 years she has served as an elected member of the Consultative Body on Membership Applications of the European Youth Forum (CBMA).

With a sense of responsibility towards the young people of Europe and the values that YFJ represents, we believe that Christiana’s expertise in policy making, advocacy and lobbying regarding youth rights, as well as her experience and acquaintances, stemming from her participation in European and international Forums and her specialisation in diplomacy, international relations and politics, will be a great contribution to the YFJ; always having as an ultimate goal: the empowerment of young people in Europe.

The main priorities of this candidacy are:

• Inclusion of young people in the decision-making processes, with emphasis on new initiatives and the empowerment of existing collaborations of the European Youth Forum with other institutions and stakeholders.

• Empowerment of the European Youth Forum as an advocate for youth rights on a European and international level.

• Advancing the labour and social rights of young people, by adjusting to the newly created challenges highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

• Further strengthening of the sense of belonging between Member-Organisations of the European Youth Forum, cross-sectoral and horizontal cooperation between them with emphasis on creating synergies.

• Promoting gender equality in all aspects of the political, social, and economic life of the young people in Europe.

If you would like to have a talk with Christiana do not hesitate to contact her at:


Antonis Kourras

President - Cyprus Youth Council

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