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An Advocate for Youth Rights

Christiana Xenofontos holds a BA in Political Sciences with expertise in International Relations from the University of Cyprus. She currently works as a Parliamentary Research Associate for the House of the Representatives in Cyprus.

She has been an active advocate for youth rights and youth empowerment for the past 7 years. Since November 2019 she is the Vice President A’ of the Cyprus Youth Council, as the representative of the Youth NGO Cyprus Youth DiplomaCY.

Christiana has also been collaborating with the European Youth Forum since 2016, for Youth Strategy and Youth Policy related issues, and since 2018 she is an elected member of the European Youth Forum’s Consultative Body on Membership Applications (CBMA). Previously, Christiana worked as a Youth Policy Officer for the Cyprus Youth Council, through which she chaired the National Working Group for the EU Youth Dialogue process in Cyprus (2015-2019). Christiana has also served as a Youth Delegate for the Commonwealth Youth Council for two years (2015-2017) representing Cyprus. Recently, she has served as an external partner and collaborator for the National Youth Board of Cyprus, focusing on the National Youth Strategy and Youth Policy related issues. She also was one of the leading persons in the team that worked for the candidacy of Nicosia as European Youth Capital in 2018 (Greater Nicosia 2021).

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